St Pattys Day Mile - 03/16/19 - Registration. Results. Relax.

St Pattys Day Mile - 03/16/19

HyNoon Kiwanis Storm the Lake Triathlon - 08/17/19

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Fairmont Triathlon - 06/15/19

VPS1 - Registration. Results. Relax.
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Your event is ready to appear on the AllSportCentral event calendar. All that is required is for you to enable it! We wanted to make sure you had the proper instructions for easily copying last year's event forward to the upcoming year. Simply follow these instructions.

Enabling Your Event:

  1. Login using Coordinator Account
  2. Select View My Events
  3. Click on Event Name drop down list
  4. Events Autocopied for the upcoming year will be grayed out
  5. Select desired event to update for upcoming year from drop down list
  6. Click the "Click here to Enable" button
  7. Update event information and select continue to go to the Races Panel
  8. Select Edit next to the race you wish to edit (DATES, times, prices, age groups, etc..)
  9. Continue updating race info until complete. Note: You must edit each race listed on the Races Panel
  10. Continue to Online Services section and select desired services
  11. Continue to Online Merchandise area to update information on meals, chips, apparel and more.
  12. Continue to Sports Marketing area to update your online marketing plan  
  13. Select Continue when completed then "Done" this should return you to "My Events"
  14. Congratulations your event is now ENABLED and being displayed on the AllSportCentral event calendar!!


If you have any other questions contact us via the link below:


We would be happy to help out..

(tel) 605 331 0030
(fax) 605 338 2768

Registration. Results. Relax.

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