St Pattys Day Mile - 03/16/19 - Registration. Results. Relax.

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St Pattys Day Mile - 03/16/19

St Pattys Day Mile - 03/16/19

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VPS1 - Registration. Results. Relax.
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[Create a New Account]:
To create a new account, click on the "Create a New Account" link under the Login button on the left navigation bar. After clicking on the appropriate account to set up, the user will be asked to enter a user name and password. Your user name and password can be any length and combination of keyboard characters. Your username and password will not be case sensitive. For example, "JohnDoe" and "johndoe" will be considered the same user. After submitting this information, you will fill out your profile that will be stored as your "My AllSport" personal profile.

[Forgot Your Password]:
The last fields in your personal profile are "Question" and "Answer" fields. These fields will serve as a way of retrieving your password should you forget it. If a user forgets his/her password, they can click on the "Forgot Your Password" link on the left navigation bar. After entering their username, the corresponding question that the user has stored in his/her profile will be retrieved.

Q: What is my dog's name?
A: Sparky

Correctly answer the question and your password will be e-mailed to you immediately.

When first accessing the site, you will be required to login with your user ID and password. After logging in successfully, you will be able to access various running event information. If you have forgotten your password, simply hit the "forgot password" link. Here, users will be able to type in their e-mail address, and their password will be sent to them via the given e-mail address.

[Event Calendar]:
Within the site, users will be able to access race information by using our event calendar. You will have access to the event name, date, and location. By clicking on each event, the user will be able to view more specific information about the event such as what races will take place, an event description, etc. At the bottom of the event information are icons that allow the user to view the race city's weather, add the event to his/her personal calendar, tell a friend about the event, contact the event coordinator, and register online. NOTE: Not all of the events and races will contain each of these options.

AboutMy allSport

[My Personal Calendar]:
When reviewing the event calendar, users are given the option of adding events to their personal calendar. If a user locates an event that they want to add to their personal calendar, they can simply click on the plus (+) icon. This will immediately add the event to the athlete's personal calendar.

[Edit My Profile]:
This allows the user to go in and change any personal information within their personal profile such as age, e-mail address, etc. Users must be logged in in order to update their personal profile.

[Pop-Up Personal Calendar]:
When activated, this feature will pop-up a new window listing your personal calendar of events. This window can be resized or minimized so the user can have access to his/her personal calendar of events throughout the entire site. If the user adds or deletes events while logged in, the personal calendar will automatically update those changes.

[Icons Explained]:
NOTE: These icons appear after each event listed in the event calendar. If an icon does not appear after an event, that option is not available for that particular event.
Minus Icon Minus Icon:
This enables users to delete a race that they are no longer interested in from his/her personal calendar. This does not include races that they have already registered for.

Runner Icon Runner Icon:
When this icon appears, users can register for that race online with by clicking on the runner icon next to the desired race. NOTE: Users may not be able to register for all events online.

Pen Pencil Icon:
Clicking on this icon will allow the user to view a listing of the runners who have registered for that particular race up to that point.

Plus Plus Icon:
Enables the user to add a race to his/her personal calendar in "My AllSport" by simply clicking on the plus icon next to the desired race.

Weather Weather Icon:
By clicking on this icon, users will receive the most up to date weather forecasts for the city in which the race will be held.

Weather Results Icon:
Wherever this icon appears, users will be able to click on it and view the results from that race.

[Discussion Forums]:
Users who wish to post a message in a forum room can choose from the topic list in the "Rooms" box. After choosing a room, a box will show all the messages posted in that room by topic, posted by, and date. To view the responses to each topic, click on "expand threads". Clicking on an individual message will allow the user to view the entire message and reply to the message if desired. Upon replying to a message, the person whose message was replied to will receive an e-mail informing them of the name and e-mail address of the responder and the response. Users can also search the forum by keyword or author.

[Other Help]:
Still stuck? T@lk to Us, tell us your problem, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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St Pattys Day Mile
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